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    Cleaning out the garage? Need an old refrigerator picked up? From foreclosure cleanouts to excess trash removal, electronics and appliance pick up, HA Wuoti takes your old junk off your hands.

    What We Do

    Our junk removal service means that we take care of removing just about any kind of trash from your home or business [rental properties? ] – on demand! We haul large items like furniture and appliances, do full house cleanouts and pick up all kinds of trash and debris from real estate cleanouts. We can take care of pretty much everything and anything!*

    Why We’re Different

    We’re top-notch because we strive to provide friendly and professional service every time. We believe in an old-fashioned style of customer service — tending to each and every customer to make sure you receive service above and beyond simple removal.

    With us, you get honest-to-goodness professionals. Uniformed, licensed, insured, with a fleet of vehicles designed to handle the task. You’ll appreciate the difference that a friendly and experienced crew makes.

    Our Process

    Our simple process starts the moment you get in touch with us. We offer a fair estimate and upfront pricing — no hidden fees.

    Simply give us a call to schedule an appointment. We’ll call to confirm it and let you know we’re on the way. Once we arrive, just show us what needs to be hauled away, and we’ll take it away!

    Our staff is trained (and friendly!) always shows up ready to do the job. From the time you pick up the phone until we leave the john site, we want you to be above and beyond satisfied with our work.

    Residential Junk Removal Services

    Our residential junk removal services provide an easy solution for clearing out clutter and hauling away unwanted junk.

    Our customers keep coming back because we provide the highest level of professionalism and fantastic customer service possible. Our no-hassle experience includes:

    Schedule a no-obligation appointment today!

    We Think “Green”

    What’s more, your junk does not automatically get dumped into a landfill. We make every effort to recycle anything and everything possible. That includes donating appropriate items to local non-profit donation drop-off centers! Your unwanted furniture or electronics can make a world difference while making space in your home for new items or room for your personal projects.

    Residential Junk Removal Services

    Let us help you free up space in your home by removing unwanted junk.

    What Else Will We Cover?

    Construction Debris

    Our residential junk removal services will recycle and dispose of construction waste after a DIY project. We have the resources to recycle wood, metal, plastic and other materials so you don’t have to! As a DIY homeowner, we get that you like doing things yourself. And maybe that includes hauling and disposing of your project debris. But maybe not. Let us help you!

    Electronic Waste

    Old computers, monitors, televisions, scanners, printers and other e-waste should not be sent to landfills. Our electronic waste removal takes these bulky items and donates them or recycles the materials. We make sure that your e-waste goes to an appropriate place, or gets recycled properly.

    Foreclosure Cleanout

    Real estate agents, banks, and property owners all partner with HA Wuoti for affordable and efficient residential junk removal services. Many times in these cases, there may be large items or excessive trash that requires a team of professional junk haulers. Let us help!

    Large Appliance Disposal and Recycling

    Don’t know what to do with your old appliances after you replace them? We do. We’ll remove and/or recycle it for you. In fact, the simplest and easiest way to dispose of your old refrigerator in an environmentally acceptable way is to call us to help.
    Not sure if we’ll take it? Remember, if it’s not hazardous, we’ll get it gone safely and efficiently. Just call us! 978-483-0651

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