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  • What does the job entail?

    Is it plumbing, roofing, a flooded cellar, broken windows, lawn maintenance, or something else? We fully assess the needs of your property and clear with you any and all changes or updates that need to be made with concise quotes and projected time frames. This is your property and we want to make sure you understand exactly what needs to be done.

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  • Who can do it at the best price?

    Having multiple contractors submit bids for work gives us the opportunity to shop around. Although we have our favorites, when a job could be handled by a number of our contractors, giving them the opportunity to submit a bid could help to lower often inflated costs.

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  • How do you know the work will be done right?

    All of our contactors come with a list of references that we verify and check on before we consider their bid. Our management team checks testimonials, makes calls to previous clients and requests samples of work, to provide a secure foundation for any work in the future.

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  • Property management requires a multitude of functions. With our years of experience and our business to business professionalism we have cultivated excellent relationships with contractors and subcontractors in Worcester County. With local contractors we can make sure that the work will be done with economic efficiency, whether it is an emergency or routine maintenance. The highest quality and most attentive care is the only way we conduct the management of your property and the contractors we do business with understand our standards and have exceeded them time and time again.

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